How Hazrat Abu Bakkar Shibli RA became a saint

He was born in Baghdad, in 861 A.D. Till the age of 30, he learned Hadith & Fiqh (Islamic Law). Also he was the governer of Nihawand. Once the caliph called all of his governers in his palace to attend the ceremoney, in which the caliph was going to hand over the governership of a region to one of his close persons. Abu Bakkar Shibli also went to attend the ceremoney. The caliph handed over precious cloth to the new governer, and that kind of precious cloth were particular for only the governers. That new governer suddenly had flu & cleaned his nose from that precious cloth. The caliph turned angry on him & felt insulted by that. So the caliph deprived him from governership at the same occasion.

That incident left a great effect on the heart of Abu Bakakr Shibli, because he thought that such a little mistake made the caliph to deprive the governer from his high post, then what about God? What he would do with us, as we make great sins & mistakes? So then he quitted the governership & chose to become a dervish, and inclined towards Sufism. He met many dervishes, but didn't have satisfaction from them.

Later he met a Sufi Hazrat Khair an-Nassaj, and became his disciple, he lived some period under his spiritual guidance. Then his teacher told him to go to meet Hazrat Junaid Baghdadi, after going to him, he commanded him to sell sulfur in the market, so he sold sulfur in in the Market of Baghdad for one year. After that, Hazrat Junaid Baghadi told him to become a beggar, he begged for one year by going to every door of Baghdad to beg, but no one gave him anything. He was disappointed & told about it to Hazrat Junaid Baghdadi, who smiled & said: "Now you've must come to know that you have no value among the creature, so now turn your heart away from the creature forever." After that, Hazrat Junaid Baghdadi told him: "As you were the governer of Nihawand, so now go to there & apologize to every person living there. So he went to Nihawand & aplogized to every person, even to the children. But one person wasn't there, so in the substitution, he distributed one hundred thousand Dirhams among the poor. But still he wasn't satisfied, after reaching back to Baghdad, Hazrat Junaid Baghdadi told him: "Still your heart has desire of ego, so go again & beg for one more year." He begged again for one year, and whatever he got, gave it to Hazrat Junaid Baghdadi, who then distributed them among the poor & needy people. Then for one year Hazrat Junaid sent him to live among poor & beggars. After living one year among them, Abu Bakkar Shibli came to Hazrat Junaid Baghdadi, who asked him: "What is the defination of Ego do you know?" Abu Bakkar Shibli replied: "To think myself as most inferior from others" Hazrat Junaid Baghdadi said: "Now your belief has perfected."

So then Hazrat Junaid Baghdadi made him Mureed (Spiritual Disciple) and continued his spiritual training. Soon he reached to high stages of Sufism & often he was thrown into the state of Jazb (Ecstasy).

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