The first step on the path of Tasawwuf

Consider yourself to be the most inferior, so much so, that if you observe with your own eyes another indulging in the worst of vices then too you shall not despise him/her, nor shall you consider yourself nobler than him/her. On the contrary one should fear and bear in mind that it is very possible that the perpetrator of the vice may resort to sincere taubah and become a person of high piety while the one who had despised the sinner become ensnared (Allah forbid ! ) in the meshes of the nafs and shaitaan and be diverted from Ibaadat and obedience. One has no certainty regarding one's end. One, therefore, has no basis for regarding another with contempt.
This instruction is the first step in Sulook (those treading the path of tasawwuf). Without taking this step, the Path of Tasawwuf remains closed.

Hadhrat Maseehul Ummat Maulana Mohammed Maseehullah Khan 

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