40 Durood and salaam explained

The purpose of Forty Durood and salaam is to establish special love and bond with our beloved Prophet (Pbuh). Forty Durood and salaam is a litany, which Hazrat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi Rahmatullahi-alaihi has compiled and from him Hazrat Shaykh Zakariya Rahmatullahi-alaihi narrates in ‘Fazaail-e-durood Shareef’’.
Hazrat writes ‘’his late eminence Hazrat Thanwi Rahmatullahi- alaihi has written in his book ‘Zadu-saeed’ forty Ahadith regarding the Durood and salaam which have also been referred in his other book ‘Nashrut-Tib’. In order to get the blessings, which he has mentioned , I am including the forty Durood and salaam written by various Mashaaikh an example of which is the book ‘Dalaa‘il-ul-Khairaat’.  At this place only those sections are given which have been mentioned in Marfu’ Ahaadith, whether Haqiqah (real) or hukmiah (imperative). Out of these, twenty-five are for Durood and fifteen for Salaam. In this way it is a collection of forty Ahadith about which the Holly Prophet (pbuh) has given a glad tiding :
‘’whosever conveys forty Ahadith, concerning any chapter of religion to my people, Allah will raise him with learned people and I will intercede for him.’’
Being an order (of Allah) there is no doubt in the Durood being a chapter of religion. Therefore, I hope double blessings for this collection of forty Ahaadith, one for preaching the Ahaadith and the other for the Durood.
Whosoever recites these Durood daily then he shall receive all those blessings that have been promised for each Durood in the Ahaadith.
We would hope that each Muslim  shall fix a time and make a habit of reading these Durood  Shareef every day.
May the Almighty Allah grant us the the Tawfeeq, the ability and the strength to gather as many good deeds as possible and to create that special bond between ourselves and our beloved  Holly Prophet (pbuh).

Shaykh Abdur Rahim


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