Kashf is not the aim of the salik

This stage requires a lot of caution. The salik (student) has the responsibility of obtaining guidance from his spiritual mentor, He must practice accordingly. The mashaikh state that the intended goal of the salik is not kashf. The aim is self-purification. The awliyah are of the view that kashf, is an obstacle in the path of tasawwuf .

Once Mullah Ahmed Barki RA wrote to Mujaddid Alfe Thani RA that he was progressing in the path of tasawwuf. Whatever he used to obtain from pure souls during his state of semi- conciseness, now he was observing while he was awake. Mujaddid Alfe Thani RA replied

“Observing this is no proof of progress whether this is in a state of being awake or while half asleep. This first step in this path is not to look at things besides Allah and not to have any thoughts about creatures and creation. By not looking at things besides Allah taa la, one reaches the stage called “fana”. This is the first stage of this path.”

The aim of treading the path of tasawwuf like the Sufis is to obtain more certainty in the sharia beliefs which are the reality of iman and to obtain ease in fulfilling the laws of jurisprudence. There is no other aim because Allah taa la has promised a vision of Himself in the hereafter. It will not occur in this world. The visions which please the Sufis are merely for obtaining ease.

He writes in another place that steadfastness is a requisite in all conditions. Make an attempt not to go the slightest bit against sharia, in practice and in beliefs. It is extremely essential to protect the internal relationship.

Moulana Muhammad Zakariya RA writes, “my elders regarded visions as obstacles on the path even if they are divinely granted. My shaykh (Moulana Khalil Ahmad Ra) said that it is like flowers on the right and left of the road when one walks. If a person becomes engrossed in enjoying them, he will not complete his journey. That is, he will be delayed in reaching his goal. Accordingly, my elders did not like visions.”

A salik sometimes sees visions on the path which a normal person does not see. However, according to the authentic scholars, the salik aim is not visions. Those who regard them as aims, remain behind on the path and do not reach the aim.

The Islamic perspective of visions p51-53

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