Qurbani on behalf of the Messenger SAW

Hadhrat Hanash (RA) says that I saw Hadhrat Ali (R.A) offering the qurbani of two sheep. Therefore, I asked him what was his action about (in other words why two animals instead of one?). In response, he said that the Messenger (SAW) had commanded me of this (that after his death) I should continue to offer Qurbani on his behalf. Therefore, I offer one Qurbani on behalf of the Messenger (SAW)    [Jami Tirmidhi c. Mishkaat, pp. 128]
The commentator on Mishkaat, writes, it apparently seems that Hadhrat Ali's (R.A) practice was of continuity. He would offer Qurbani on behalf of the Messenger (saw.) every year (Mazahir-e-Haq, Vol.2, pp. 303).

Hakim ul Ummat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi (R.A) says: the most worthy person of this (Qurbani) is the Messenger (SAW). This is because his favors are uncountable. Then it is dreadful to forget (in Qurbani) the Messenger (SAW) and not to perform Qurbani for him, especially when the Messenger (SAW) did not forget us at any time. He (SAW) also remembered us during Qurbani. Therefore, what difficulty would it be, if some amount of money were spent on behalf of the Messenger (SAW) once in a year (Ta'zim ul Sha'air, pp. 18).
Maulana Thanwi in another lecture says that "offer one Qurbani on behalf of the Messenger (SAW)  What sort of love did the Messenger (SAW) have with the ummah can be judged by observing that in addition to offering his own Qurbani, he (SAW) would offer one for the ummah." 

He (SAW) would say that this is on behalf of those people who cannot afford Qurbani among my ummah. 

It is reported in a hadith that He (SAW) said: this is from the one who has believed in me and accepted me (Jam ul Fawaaid). What love is the Messenger (SAW) expressing for us in our absence! The fact is that the Messenger (SAW) has unseen love for all of his ummah (Sunnat -e- Ibrahim, pp.63). Therefore we should also make it a point of offering Qurbani on behalf of the Messenger (SAW).
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