Resort to some soul searching

An Incident Regarding a Poor Person in Debt

There was a person who was very poor. He cried to Allah Ta'ala saying, "O Allah Ta'ala, how am I to fulfill my debt." He was directed to go to a generous individual who lived a thousand miles away. 'Go to him, he is very generous, he will settle your debt" He proceeded to the designated place, a thousand miles away. Upon reaching the place, he read his Asr Salaah, only to find the janazah of that person being buried. The entire locality appeared to be sinking to the ground before his eyes, for he had travelled a thousand miles only to find the quest of his journey dead and buried. The toil and energy utilized in covering a thousand miles were all in vain. He read his Maghrib Salah and cried profusely. He cried to such an extent that he became exhausted and fell asleep. At times, excessive crying leads to exhaustion with tile result that one succumbs to sleep. Take the example of children who at times do not sleep. Some mothers, under such circumstances, spank their children in order to make them sleep. They reason that if they spank him, sooner or later he will exhaust himself with crying and eventually fall asleep. Remember such hiding or spanking is not permissible. Think of some other means to put children to sleep. Rather read, "Ya lateef  (O Subtle One) seven times and blow on the child.
When this individual fell asleep, he saw Allah Ta'ala in a dream and was commanded, "O person! In your home (which comprised of three or four rooms), the wealth of your grandfather is buried. The value of this wealth is such that you will not only be able to settle your debts but build a comfortable home as well." In his dream, he posed this question to Allah Ta'ala, 'O Allah Ta'ala. when this wealth was present within my precinct of my home, why did you make me toll and struggle by travelling a thousand miles? It was only after this arduous journey of a thousand miles that You disclosed to me the whereabouts of tins treasure. What is the wisdom in this act of Yours. O Master of the universe?" The reply received was, "We grant after toil and struggle so that you may appreciate the bounty."
He returned home, dug, and acquired tile wealth only after excessive effort, toil and struggle. When worldly bounties are acquired only after effort how is it possible to find Allah Ta'ala without a struggle? To acquire the wealth of the world, one gladly endures travelling a thousand miles, while those who claim to be in search of the pleasure of Allah Ta'ala and remain in the khanqah day and night do not endure, do not tolerate the effort and struggle in lowering their gaze, in controlling tile eyes because there is difficulty In this. People are not prepared to endure difficulty. Resort to some soul searching, consider and realize the realty of our claim of love.

Hazrat Maulana Shah Hakeem Muhammad Akhtar Saheb Ra

Manifestation Of Allah's Attraction p120 - p122

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