The Difference Between Waswasah and Ilham

Qadl Thanaullah Panipati Ra writes that ilham is when Allah grants some knowledge to the heart of a Sufi and the voice of the unseen is also of a similar category. The difference between waswasah and ilham is that the Sufi's heart is at ease due to ilham while a sound heart rejects waswasah.
Rasulullah sallahu aly wasallam said, "Ask your heart even if the Muftis have issued the fatwa of legality to you." That means, if the Ulama issue the verdict of legality of something, then too, a Sufi should ask his heart for the fatwa. A Sufi's heart loathes haram even though the Ulama may have looked at the outward appearance and pronounced it legal.
This shows that ilham creates tranquility in the heart and it carries spiritual light while waswasah makes the heart uneasy and the heart hesitates in accepting it.
Hakimul Ummah RA writes that the sign of the ilham being correct is that the recipient of ilham has noor (effulgence). He perceives a light in the ilham which only he can understand. Ilham creates a natural feeling of contentment ecstasy and confidence.

Al Ifadat vol 10 p26

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