A must before you sleep

Hazrat Moulana Dr Tanveer Ahmed Khan Sahib RA prescription is practiced in the form of Ruju/turning to Allah Ta’ala at night before sleeping, A person will see the benefit in His/Her life through this act by the Grace of Allah Ta’ala. This Prescription takes a few minutes only and one should endeavour to perform it with constancy. Below are the 3 points emphasised in this prescription.

  • Repent for ones sins big or small those you can remember and those Allah ta’ala is aware of. asking Allah Ta’ala for forgiveness and for change in ones life of evil habits to a life of piety upon the teachings of the Qur’an and Sunnah of our Beloved Messenger Muhammad s.a.w.

  • Acknowledging that all A’maal e Sualihah/All good deeds performed throughout the day were due to Allah Ta’alas Taufeeq/given ability, asking Allah Ta’ala for their acceptance and the ability to perform more sincere and virtuous deeds in future.

  • Thanking Allah Ta’ala for blessings such as Imaan, being a member of the Beloved Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. Ummah, Family, Health etc and out of humility not considering oneself to be worthy of any blessings but acknowledging Allah Ta’alas Kindness upon you and thereafter asking Allah Ta’ala to continue showering blessings upon you and to make you amongst the Shakireen/Grateful/Thankful servants.

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