The Greatest Jihad is Obedience to One’s Parents

It is stated in an incidence that there were so many hundreds of thousands of people congregated at Arafa during hajj one particular year. There, a servant of Allah received a divine call saying that the hajj of all the people weeping on the plain of Arafa would have not been accepted by Allah if it were not for one person, it also stated who that one person was. He was not even amongst the pilgrims. It was told that this person was from such an area (with his address) of Sham.

After completing hajj, the person who heard the call located  the person in Sham. He reached his address and found him to be an average layman, a pious religious man. He asked the man,

“What is it you do [so commendable]?”
He replied,  “Nothing, I am just one of His sinful servants.”

After not finding  anything out  through much questioning, he had  to  reveal  the  call he had heard on  the plain of  Arafa which said that hundreds of thousands of pilgrims’ hajj was only accepted by means of this person’s blessings. “Tell me, what is so special about you? What deed do you perform?” he asked. Now the person had to tell. He said,

 “Well, actually I had arranged transport, food provisions and financial preparations to go to hajj. However, I was blessed with seeing the Prophet SAW in my dream who said, “You intend to go for Hajj leaving your mother in this state?”

As I woke up that morning, I distributed all that I had prepared amongst the poor.  My mother lives with me, and I continue to serve her. Hence, hundreds of  thousands of peoples pilgrimage was accepted  through  the blessings of  this person.

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