The saint from sham intense love for Shaykh Zakariya kandhalvi RA

A saint from Sham (Syria)  once came to Madrasa Sulaytiyya in Mecca Mukarrama. He met with Shaykh Zakariya kandhalvi RA  and began continuously kissing him as he cried. He told the Shaykh that he obtained a  volume  of his  commentary  on  sahih  al-Bukhsri,  Al-Lami al-Durari, thirteen years ago. He says that he 
supplicated Allah Most High,

“O Allah! Allow me to meet the author in my lifetime,” 

All gratitude to Allah, his supplication had been accepted. Such a learned scholar of Sham, the center of sacred knowledge, spirituality and home to erudite scholars to date  supplicated after every Salah for thirteen years to meet the author. He cried as he told the Shaykh that his years of supplication had been accepted, by the grace of Allah.

Narrated by Shaykh Maulana Yusuf Motala Saheb

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