Vain Attractions - Hazrat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi Ra

Hazrat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi (may the mercy of Allah be upon him) has written a fascinating account. A young man used to eye a cleaning lady of a khanqah with desire because he was young and not in control of his desires. This cleaning lady immediately told the head teacher at the khanqah that this young man's gaze wanders towards her in an inappropriate manner. 

Coincidentally, she contracted diarrhea the next day and became too ill to even move from her bed. She became very emaciated due to her sudden illness and in one day seemed as if she had aged ten years. 

These were days before plumbing and so the waste would remain collected in a bucket in a corner until it could be thrown out. When she recovered the next day the head teacher told her to clean the outside before cleaning the washroom and to report to him if that particular young man would look at her now. When the young man spotted her this time he turned his face away immediately, and so she returned and told the teacher that he did not seem interested in her anymore. The head teacher instructed her to go about her duties and called for the young man. At the same time he instructed someone else to go into the washroom and collect all the waste and filth and bring it in an enclosed bag. 

The young man was shocked when his teacher handed him the bag filled with waste and said, "What is this?" His teacher replied, "This is your beloved. Yesterday you could not take your eyes off a non-mahram, and today you cannot stand to look at her? Since this is the only thing that she has lost between yesterday and today, hence this must be your true love. So take your beloved with you." 

Shaykh Zulfiqar Ahmad - Best of Creation

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