The science of the sufis


The science of the sufis is the esoteric, exoteric knowledge of Deen and strength of belief; and this is the greatest of sciences. The way of the sufis is perfecting their morals and perpetual absorption in Allah. The essence of  tasawwuf is to be embellished with the meanings of the attributes [sifat] of Allah  [as humanly as possible], to eliminate the will of the self, and have a perpetual infatuation to please Allah. The morals of the sufis are the same as the Blessed Prophet’s Sallallahu alayhi wa sallam (صلى الله عليه و سلم) as mentioned in the Quran,
 ‘And you are surely on an excellent standard of character.’68:4 
All that is mentioned in the a-hadith is also inclusive of the morals of the sufis. Below is a description of the morals of the sufis:

To think lowly of oneself and this is the opposite of arrogance
To be compassionate to the creation of Allah  and to overlook the
 transgressions of the creation against oneself
To treat others with kindness and warmth and to avoid anger
To sympathize with others and to prefer them over oneself because of one’s
 overwhelming love for them; in essence to favor the rights of others over one’s own rights
To be generous
To forgive others and to overlook their mistakes
To be sanguine and cheerful
To be soft-spoken
To avoid ostentation
To spend without stinginess and to avoid overspending such that one
becomes needy
Reliance on the Creator
To be content with whatever little one possesses of the material world
To be austere
To avoid arguments and altercations and to avoid criticizing another unless it is with truth
To avoid jealousy or hatred of another
To fulfill promises
To have insight
To love fellow Muslims and have good relations with them and to avoid others
To be grateful when someone does a favor
To exhaust oneself for the good of other Muslims

The moral character [akhlaq] of the sufi is achieved through his purification of the inner and the outer and Tasawwuf is the name of propriety. Propriety towards the Creator is turning away from everyone but Him out of awe and fear of His might. The worst of sins is to converse with the lower self, as it spreads darkness over the heart.

Shaykh al-hadith Muhammad Zakariyya Kandhelwi Ra
Sharia & Tariqa: Islamic Law and Purification of the Heart  p105-107

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