The Noor of a Wali, a friend of Allah


Imam Razi (Ra) said that if a wali, a friend of Allah , passes through a town, everyone in that town obtains a portion of his spiritual radiance, his noor. The reality of this noor, and its recognition by those whose hearts are alive, is illustrated in the following  incident that we have heard from our Shaykh, Hazrat Maulana Zulfiqar Ahmad Naqshbandi Mujaddidi (db).

Once, Imam-ul-‘Ulema was-Suleha Hazrat Khwaja Abdul Malik Siddiqui (Ra) visited the town of Khewra in Punjab, Pakistan, accompanied by his renowned khalifa (authorized deputy) Hazrat Ghulam Habib (Ra). Upon reaching a bend in the mountainous track on which they were travelling, he glanced at the town, now in sight, and asked whether any pious elder, a buzurg, lived there. Hazrat Ghulam Habib (Ra) informed him that no such personality resided there. Khwaja Sahib (Ra) was not convinced, as his spiritual intuition told him something different, and he repeated his question; Hazrat Ghulam Habib (Ra) confirmed that he was well-acquainted with the town and its residents, and was certain that no one of notable spiritual standing was amongst them. However, upon reaching the house of their hosts they came to know that another khalifa of Hazrat Khwaja Fazal Ali Qureishi (Ra) was passing through Khewra, and had decided to stop there for a while. Khwaja Sahib (Ra) turned to his companion and said, “Did I not tell you that I could see the noor of a wali here?” 

The Conqueror of Hearts p11-P12

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