The meeting of Maulana Rumi Ra with Shams Tabrizi Ra

The epic meeting of Maulana Rumi Ra with Shams Tabrizi Ra, is well documented in the books of tasawwuf. Many lessons can be derived from this event, the most important one being the need for a guide, shaykh, murshid e kamil, who can ignite the love of Allah in your heart. The significance of this meeting has been described by Maulan Rumi Ra himself in the following persian couplet:

Maulvi Hargiz Na Shud Maula E Rum
Ta Ghulaam E Shams Tabraizi Na Shud

Maulvi could never be Maula-i-Rum
if he had not devoted himself to Shams Tabrizi

URDU Meeting of Maulana Rumi and Hazrat Shams Tabrezi Ra - Shaykh Zulfiqar Ahmad

In the words of Maulana Hakeem Akhtar (Ra):
Listen dear friends to the story of Maulana Rumi
Who was generally involved with teaching.
While being unaware of the ways of the path (Sulook).
Being involved with external knowledge at all times,
His lecturing pursuits had become famous all around,
While for him hard was the contact with the path.
For arrogance through knowledge keeps the men of knowledge
Far away from Allah Ta'ala.
Object of all knowledge is to attain Divine Love
Apart from that all is mere conceit.
But him on whom Allah Ta'ala's Grace shines,
One day he will become Allah Ta'ala's favorite.
In this way Allah Ta'ala's Grace shone on Maulana Rumi
And from the unseen, Allah Ta'ala's help reached him.
All achievements are achieved through Divine Grace
And without His favor nothing is accomplished
From the unseen world, Rumi was chosen.
As Shams Tabrezi prayed to the Lord:
"Lord, this fire of love burning in my heart,
This restless longing which lies within me,
This fire of truth which is buried in my heart
And all that was granted to me.
O Lord, let there be such a bondsman of Thy
Who in true fashion will be suitable to inherit.
That his heart may become filled with Truth
And that I may fill his being with pearls of wisdom.
Let me find such an heir who will be able to
bear the burden of the fire of love in him.
For the burning love within myself
Is like the Mount Tur of love in the heart.
Lord, near indeed is for me the time of parting
To whom shall I leave this trust O Beloved?"
From the unseen came the immediate reply:
"O Shams Tabrezi, hasten towards Rum.
Go and make Maulana Rumi the Master of Rum.
Let him become unoccupied with the affairs of Rum.
"Thus at the command of the unseen Shams proceeded
Towards Rum as commanded from on High.
As he cast his sight upon Maulana Rumi,
Unconscious he fell down on the path.
Forgotten were the robes of knowledge.
Hungry and thirsty was he to be successful on the path.
At one time Maulana Rumi was known
As a man of dignity and splendor.
The one endowed with the special connections of Khwarizm Shah
And also endowed with being a Master of knowledge.
Whenever he had to go anywhere,
Speedily was brought for him the royal 'sedan'.
And ready for him were soldiers, servants and students
Who in honor and respect accompanied him.
He was used to having his hands and feet kissed
And on all sides he used to be crowded.
Today he fell down unconscious.
Through Divine Love, he discarded all signs of pomp and splendor.
What a glance was thrown on him by Shams Tabrezi
And through that he became a leader of the Path.
When the Pir of Rum regained consciousness,
He followed the footsteps of Shams Tabrezi
Taking his Shaikh's bedding on his head as he walked
The humility of Love has he bought.
When does Divine Love keep a transitory world,
All that became lost in the dust.
For the honor of Divine Love is everlasting honor
And its ecstasy is ecstasy forever.
And upon Jalaluddin Rumi there was
The full effect of the influence of Shams Tabrezi
And Shams Tabrezi filled the heart of Rumi
With burning love and conviction.
From the hands of the Shaikh whatever bounty he found
The Mathnawi is filled with gratitude for that.
Look from what to what Shams transformed Rumi,
Through their liaison and company wonders resulted.
Such an effect was had on the Pir Rumi
As he explains in Mathnawi without any fear.
That Shams Tabrezi was a light complete.
He was the sun and he was the light of truth.
In the Mathnawi, the fire of Tabrezi burns.
The meanings are Tabrezi, the words Rumi's.
What did Rumi acquire from the hands of Tabrezi?
Ask this of Rumi himself.
But I say, O my friends,
Search for it yourself in the Mathnawi.

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