Hold on tight to the ego killer

Hazrat Khawaja Majzoob (Rahmatullah Alaihe) said in respect of his Shaikh:

"You effaced the effects of the idols and you enabled me to
witness the grandeur of Allah Ta’ala
You transformed my eyes into such eyes that can see the reality
and turned my heart into one that can perceive the greatness of
the Creator
My heart was engulfed in negligence, when suddenly you
acquainted it with Allah Ta’ala. Thus, you made me
unconcerned with all besides Him.
Practicing on Deen seemed like a burden, while being
engrossed in the world was easy

You have now made the burden a pleasure and what seemed to
be a pleasure (preoccupation with the world) has become a
You have imbued me' with courage and ushered this weakling
into such ranks, the ranks of those endowed with that great
responsibility (of conveying Deen)
This heart of iron you have melted with a heart burning with
the love of Allah Ta’ala,
You have made restless one who had never experienced this
pain (Love of Allah Ta’ala)
O Majzoob you are leaving this threshold with a great fortune,
A million thanks that Allah Ta’ala sent me to your door"

Ma’aarif- e -Mathnawi p 199

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