It is stated in the Ahaadeeth that one of the Major signs to occur before the advent of Qiyaamah (Last Day) is the appearance of Dajjaal, who will mislead large numbers of people.

Presently, however, there are many ‘Dajjaals’ around who are preparing the ground for their leader, Dajjaal, by extending an invitation to different “isms”, promoting musical shows, dancing girls, beauty pageants, filthy and indecent movies, videos, art and literature.

There will be many who will accept and participate in these vices and will become so immune to them that when Dajjaal will make his appearance, wooing them with his music and magical tricks, they will follow him like how the Pied Piper was followed. [May Allah Ta’ala safeguard us all.]

Hazrat Maulana Yunus Patel Saheb Ra
Hedayatus Saalikeen p22

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