Story about a Cure for Sensual Love

Hazrat Maulana Rumi (Rahmatullah Alaihe) drew this advice
from the adove story:

"O people, today you fall in love with a well-musk-scented one
with curly locks.
One day that same lock of hair will appear worse to you than
the tail of an old donkey. "
"Those very eyes that cause you to become intoxicated and for
which you are prepared to sacrifice your life,
In old age will have dirty water dripping from them.
Look at a beautiful child who through his beauty becomes
Master among men
But look when old age overtakes him, he becomes worthless.
Look how lovely and fresh the sun appears at the time of rising,
But remember its death at the time of setting.
See how splendid the moon appears on the fourteenth night,
But check how is its sorrowful state as it begins to wane.
O Man, you are in love with good food and fine outward form,
But see the result thereof in the toilet afterwards.
The people of this world, like the world itself, are truly
When they turn their face towards you, then know it is not the
It is merely the back of the head.
Now that you have come to know the unfaithfulness of the
world and worldly people,
Then establish company with the saints of Allah Ta’ala and
with no other beings except them."

Ma’aarif- e -Mathnawi p102-103

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