Have no trust in this Nafs

Maulana Rumi (Rahmatullah Alaihe) gives a very important lesson for the Seekers after the Sufi path. He says: "Never be completely sure about the state of your 'Nafs". In its natural state it is inclined towards evil. Even if, through the company of a Shaikh and lifelong spiritual exercises and efforts the "Nafs" appear to have changed towards good; never become unmindful of it. Do not become negligent in taking precautions. 

Be not like some foolish Sufis, who for a long time through the efforts of Zikr and other spiritual vigils seen their 'Nafs' having become accustomed to subjugation, so carelessly become at ease and unmindful of its dangers. Consequently, they start mixing with strange women and beardless handsome, young men, thinking that the desire to commit sin will not overpower them. Hence, why should one not look at those women and young men with pure intentions. They did just that and how tragic was the result? They became disgraced in a bad way. The 'Nafs' which appeared controlled and dead, became alive. And the looks which were supposed to be "pure looks" turned out to be dirty and prohibited looks.
In the end, the snake of the 'Nafs' bit them and from the path of truth they were rejected and became disgraced. For this reason, our elders have stated that no matter how old the Muttaqi may be, one should up to his death not be negligent of taking precautions against the Nafs. Hazrat Majzoob (Rahmatullah Alaihe) says:
"Have no trust in this Nafs, O devout, one!
Even if it becomes an angel, remain distrustful of it.
Look at the snake of your Nafs
As soon as you are negligent here, it bites there.”

A dog, no matter how trained it becomes, do not take the chain off its neck, or let it become slack. A trained dog will remain a dog. Do not remove the chain from its neck. May Allah Ta’ala grant us the Divine Guidance to remain watchful over our 'Nafs' up to our last breath on this earth.

 Ma’aarif- e -Mathnawi 261-262

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